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                                             TOP FASHION SUITS
 Avoid bulky linings and overly structured blazers. As the performance- wear-as-fashion craze continues, the trend has expanded to suiting — so the some of the season’s most popular fabrics have a bit of stretch to them. For his spring line, Donrad Duncan, the designer behind the luxury brand EFM, used a lightweight tropical wool, which reduces heat and allows moisture to escape — yet retains the formality of a suit jacket. If you do rock this kind of suit jacket, don’t feel you need to dress it up by adding a button-down and tie — many of the looks are designed specifically to be worn over a lightweight henley or a T-shirt. “Guys want clothing that is modern and sharp, but items that can be worn comfortably on the go and still feel elevated,” explains Sammy Fayed, creative director of New York’s menswear line Bespoken.

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