Popular Nigeria Actress Iyabo Shows Off Her Nice Shape On Camouflag

They said that any civilian found guilty of putting on the camouflage irrespective of their social status will be dealt with severely. It seems that Wizkid has no fear of Nigerian Army as he shares this photo at his Instagram.
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For decades, citizens who have been caught wearing the military attire in public have been severely punished.
Early 2014, the Nigerian military warned celebrities to stop wearing in a statement.

This is to inform the general public and most especially Nigerian celebrities to abstain from the use and abuse of the Nigerian Military camouflage. Several investigations were carried out and we noticed the camouflage is mostly being used by Nigerian celebrities in music videos, photo-shoots and concerts‘, the statement had read. ‘In this same videos and photo sessions, Nigerian celebrities like ‘Jesse Jags’ smokes marijuana while putting on the Nigerian Military camouflage‘. ‘Henceforth, any civilian found GUILTY of putting on the camouflage irrespective of their social status will be dealt with severely” Yet celebrities still cant do without the Nigeria Army Uniform.

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