Learning how to dress for your body shape isn’t as tricky as you’d first think. By following this simple guide you will know which clothes flatter you rather than falter you in no time at all.

For years, men have assumed that “dressing for your shape” was a concept best left to their fairer counterparts, but the concept is important for men to embrace as well. Whether you’re a professional athlete or rocking the “Dad Bod,” every guy can benefit from dressing in a way that best suits his physique.
Before we begin, know that this guide only works if you’re honest about how you’re actually shaped. Most guys fall into one of five categories: rhomboid (sometimes referred to as trapezoid), inverted triangle, rectangle, triangle, or oval. Knowing what shape you are will help you know what to look for and what to avoid in your wardrobe to not only look, but also feel your best. Most importantly, never overlook the wonders well-tailored clothing can do for guys of any size or shape.
The rhomboid body type is characterized by broad shoulders and chest with relatively narrow hips and waist. Since the upper and lower body are balanced, the shape is pretty simple to dress. Generally, most styles and fits suit this shape as long as you keep everything in proportion.
With this body type being easy to dress, that makes it the perfect canvas for experimenting with new trends. Why not try out bold patterns and or different shapes like these

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