Your hair style tells about your fashion..........

Professional Hair Color. 

Black — Different shades of black vary according to the amount of highlighting or pigmentation shadings present in the hair; black lacking all highlighting will be duller, ash shade; black containing a lot of red may appear as deep burgundy.

Hair Styles Modern And Historical

It’s impossible to name all the hairstyles but the selection here should be a good start. Many listed here also are known by other names.
[See of some these hairstyles here.]
Afro — Unisex style borrowed from the African Americans; short and very curly, forming a bowl shaped profile; a pick is used to pull the hair away from the head and shape it
Asymmetric — Hair is cut long on side of the head and short on the other.
Bedhead — Popularized in 1990s by starlet Meg Ryan; short to mid-length shaggy cut worn jelled or moussed in tossed fashion
Beehive  — A 60’s French twist coiled at the back of the head and rising above it to form a cone shape (see up sweep)

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